About Zeiuss

Zeiuss is a showcase of beautiful people from all corners of the internet.

The world is full of pretty and beautiful people, and they are in every country of every continent across the globe. We curate pictures of beautiful people from every continent and put them in a list to show how diverse people's beauty is. They are profiled in a simple and engaging format to maximize the exposure.

We fact-check every single detail of the curated people using trusted primary sources to make sure the information such as work email addresses, social profiles, and websites is accurate and up to date.

The photos and details of the peoples come from various sources: Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, Twitter, TikTok, and many more social platforms and websites. We manually curate them, and our goal is to build the most extensive beautiful people's library, and we regularly curate and upload new pretty people and photos every day.

Businesses from all over the world can use Zeiuss to discover beautiful people by country, professions, and tags. Collaboration is made simple by our collaboration message tool to get in touch with each other easily.

If you have been added to the directory and would like to opt out or make any changes to your details, please contact us at support@zeiuss.com. Feel free to contact us If you have any questions.

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